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Olympus in Phuket


As always i’ve enjoyed bringing my olympus XA along with me during my travels.Been fortunate enough to bring it along to places like New York,London,Oslo and now Phuket.It is my first time bringing my Olympus OM2 along as i’ve not travelled with it yet. So i just got married.Yay.Bless the almighty for this. I was fortunate that she is a great photographer. We brought like 4 cameras for this trip and she helped to take photos with some of the cameras particularly my trust Canon G16.

Rarely do i have pictures of myself posing with the cameras. I know its very cliche and that is why i tend to not request people to take a picture of me while i pose with a camera. But as always it is a great pleasure to shoot with the Olympus OM2.

Want to be a better photographer?

Whatever that we wish to do in life, there is surely a desire to be better at it. But i believe that if you enjoy what you are doing, you wouldn’t think too much about it and just keep on doing it.Somehow you will get better.

To be more specific if let say you run out of ideas on what to do. I found a useful link from Petapixel. One of my favourite from the list of tips is to bring the camera everywhere you go. Generally if you have a mobile phone, you already have that one checked.

But smartphones can be limiting too, like the part when my memory is always full. So it has been my habit for 2017 to bring my camera wherever i go. Usually i will carry at least one film and one digital. Even when i go to work. I would normally bring my Olympus XA and my Canon G16.You’ll never know when something awesome comes up.

Petapixel tips to be a better photographer