Street photography: Eid and other random pictures

The thing about street photography is that, it can be seen as rude. I feel that it is actually. Taking pictures of random people without them knowing it. But i can’t help but to enjoy this side of art. It is this simple day to day events that makes life more interesting i would say. I feel that as long as it is not taking photos of someone showering or peeing or things that may outrage their modesty, it should be fine i guess. But need to be out there to capture the shots without looking like a creep.So that is the challenging part of street photography.

Here are some photos of recently developed roll of 35 mm.
Mas of the pictures are from Eid morning prayers.


Nikon F3

This past few weeks i have been researching on the Nikon F3. After i saw the Japan Camera Hunter sharing it on his instagram, it got me interested in finding out more about it. I am not a Nikon fan and not so much of a black colour camera fan. But the Nikon F3 looks gorgeous. At this moment im not certain if it is from all those research it changed my mind or what.

As of this moment all i know is i want to have one. I like the way how the body looks. The design is definitely obvious that it is not your latest Dslr design. Really like the edges and slightly boxy looking shape.

Found out that there is alot of lenses that works with this camera. You therefore have so many options to choose from. Wish i’ll be able to get my hand on one to do a review of it soon. It is such a popular film camera and there are quite a number of reviews already available online.


Everyday i try to remind myself to find something to shoot and to not take things for granted. Sometimes in my mind i would feel like it is just another normal scene and there is nothing much to share . But a lot of new photographers like me would feel the same. Sometimes we run out of things to photograph. That is when i will keep telling myself to just take a picture and view it only a few days later. Look at it in a positive way and see how does it make you feel? Photography is all about memories and that is why i love it. They value more as time goes by. I am talking about personal value. Even at that point of time when there might be no value at all, i keep telling myself there must be some value in the future. Because you were there at that point of time and as you look at the photo, you are actually looking at a piece of history in your life. It may be just another day, just another sunset, just another picture of a cloud or just another picture of a neighbour’s cat. But that point represents a certain period of time where you were at a certain stage in your life. As i am writing this, i am reminding myself why it matters to continue with this habit. If god allows it, i would do my best to take a photo everyday.clouds1