Brick by brick


What attracted me was the structure, how from this angle it looks pointy.The Same pattern window panels, the exposed bricks and the plants that are trying to grow on every opportunity that it gets. Somehow, the one that grew the biggest is the one on top.The rest of the plants are pretty small in size.


Hi! My name is Faris and I am from Singapore. If you are reading this it means you somehow manage to find my website. Firstly I would like to thank you for visiting this page. Right now there are only a few readers on this blog. But the few readers that I see appearing in the stats are enough to keep me going. Of course I do wish that more will get a chance to see what I am sharing.

What I am sharing in this blog are basically images I manage to capture on a daily basis. 2017’s new year resolution was for me to carry around my cameras wherever I go and hope to capture these moments and share it with the public as much as possible.

Currently I shoot with both digital and film cameras(35 mm and 120mm). Everyday there seems to be something new that I could learn while I am out shooting.

While I have been fortunate to travel to places like Phuket to Kuala Lumpur and places like Oslo and New York, London is somehow the top in my list to go out and shoot. The next is of course to showcase my very own city that I grew up with, Singapore.

Support from readers can be anything, from just sharing my photos with your friends and families to purchasing my prints to hiring me as your photographer. Your support will ensure that I get to explore bigger projects and cover different places and continue to share my photos with everyone.

While you are not obligated to support, I do sincerely hope that the pictures that I share will inspire you to go out there with whatever photo taking devices that you have and start taking more photos. You can find me on Instagram @farissays if you would like to see more of my photos.Other than that thank you so much for reading this.Snap away ladies and gentlemen.Snap away.



Your 6 foot Asian photographer

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