Learning photography

Photography can be a very simple process. You buy a camera and you proceed to go out and shoot. It is that simple. Even if you don’t have a camera, you can use the one on your mobile phones. But personally, the sound of the shutter and the ability to turn the dials and adjust the settings gives me another type of satisfaction while behind the camera.

What you need

Depending on what you are into, go get yourself a decent point and shoot camera perhaps? If you want to straightaway get into a DSLR then you may want to think about getting a second hand camera. This is to minimise the amount of money you spend just in case if this is something that you do not want to pursue.

My first digital camera that i bought is my Canon G16. Still using that camera and i absolutely love it. It is a solid camera and it is considered to be a point and shoot, just a little bigger and looks and feel solid. It is able to shoot raw and i basically recommend it if you are still able to get it. I have not had any dslr yet as towards “serious” photography i will turn towards my film SLR cameras. That is just my preference.

But i would recommend something like the G16, It has got dials and feel of a DSLR and that it is a good training point if you ever want to invest in a DSLR .

Your aim

There are many different reason why people take up photography. You need to find out why you are taking it up. For me, i like to capture moments. Daily moments in life that might not be significant at that time but it will grow with value in the future.

Your schedule

Once you know why you pick up photography and you have your  camera with you, it is time to come up with a routine on how you can get better at it.It sounds obvious but go and start shooting.

I would advice that you learn a little bit about the camera dials and button on your camera. Then go and and learn more about aperture, shutter speed and iso. I personally did not like to shoot on auto mode but that is the way for most of my life while growing up. But i decided to ditch that completely and go on manual mode. It was not easy for me at first as you need to think about the 3 factors i mentioned above. But the lcd screen on the camera helped a lot as it gives a preview of the image before i shoot it and that is how i know how much i should adjust.

It took me awhile and after being free from using auto mode, that was when the passions kicks in further for me. Like i could really control how i want my pictures to look.That is a great deal of satisfaction. I would say, go and learn while you go out and shoot. It will be faster than to just read all the way and practice later. Have lots of fun taking pictures.

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