Street photography Singapore (Bugis)

So i went out with my medium format camera and tried to shoot a roll. The foam from the mirror in the camera dropped while i was adjusting the mirror. I wanted to see if everything was fine.

So i went to bugis area and took some shots. Im not good with the street names in Singapore and i tend to just refer it to the area that is closest.

For these shots i took around Bugis area as i make my way to develop the film. There is this bunch of flats that are very colourful, i kinda wish that there are more flats like that in Singapore.Maybe there are such flats that i am probably not aware of. I do enjoy taking photos with my medium format camera.


From a distant. They are going to demolish the buildings and make way for roadworks. 


Omg this looks absolutely gorgeous. One of the old churches in Singapore. Very beautiful architecture.


Just a little closer, i like the shade of blue that appears in this picture.


Sim Lim tower. I took this shot because i love the colours around the building.


When the country is small, constant works need to be done, and sadly buildings have to go and then only memories and photos will be left behind for us to share with the young ones.


What a beautiful accident. I love this photo a lot. Didn’t intend to double expose it, but well i am happy with the results.



Of course another special thing here in Singapore. These uncles riding around the city and giving us that awesome ice cream sandwiches.


Superman caught my attention.

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