120mm film

I was excited to test out the Mamiya RB67 and i went out to shoot my first roll. Went out and walked around City Hall area to capture the buildings there and also where there are more people around. I wanted to see how people will look in the pictures.

I mostly capture building and less of human subjects. But for medium format i feel that it is more interesting to shoot people. Normally for first roll i do not get good results.

I did not have high hopes for this as it is my first attempt to use a fully manual camera with no light meter on it. I depended on a light meter app on the iPhone and just hoped that it will turn out not too overly exposed.

The whole experience of shooting with the Mamiya RB67 is incredible. A very slow process and can be a handful as you are trying to use the phone as a light meter and trying switch between mobile phone and the mamiya itself was quite a challenge.

I used the Kodak Portra 400 and after about an hour i went to get it process at one of the labs. Here are some of the sample pictures.


I was having a lot of fun trying to take pictures of the crowd here. The background looks really sharp.


Cute elderly couple


The merlion is definitely my favourite from the role. The details on it look incredible. It was worth the experience. I ended the day feeling tired from carrying the camera around.


This is a friend of mine and my gut feeling is right(but then again, everyone already mentioned that this camera is excellent for portraits).I can’t wait to get out there and capture more individuals.

This was such a fun experience and i am already looking forward to the next session. Each image needs to be right as you have only 10 shots. Process is very slow but it is worth it to me.

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