How it started

It started out in late 2008 i believe.When we went to Geylang Bazaar during the fasting month of Ramadan. Izad brought this black camera with him and as we were sitting and taking a break from all that walking, i asked him what was that?Is it a toy? It feels so light. Kinda feels like it. He told me it is a camera and it uses film. The last time i tried using film camera was when i was maybe 4 years old.So Izad told me that the name for the camera is Holga.

So that was the first time i was reintroduced to film camera.In 2009 while i was studying and we had this project where we needed to sell things. I had this feeling to sell the film cameras. No one initially get the idea. The idea of a camera that shoots on film? There’s digital cameras everywhere and why would anyone wants to buy a film camera. The sound of it is totally outdated.

But i insist that we give a go and my teammates were quite supportive of it. On the day itself when we had the fair. I am really proud to say that my booth was one of the highest earning booth for that event. I still remember my lecturer showing off his iPhone which at that time was rare for you to see others carrying around an iPhone. He simply said,”I have this… why would i want to get that?”

That booth was memorable as no one believe in the idea that that camera would sell. So basically that was how it started.

I have always admired Leica cameras especially from looking at books of it in the Kinokuniya bookstore. The look of it is gorgeous but i know it is beyond what i can afford. So there are moments when i look back that sort of spark some interest in me. I still think people should take photos more often. But you need a balance. Too many and it might lose its value. like you can keep on firing rapidly on the DSLR but you will soon run out of space and old photos would be buried deep inside those folders and they risk the chance of disappearing forever.

Look at the photos below. The rest were all shot on film camera and only the one of me at the booth was shot with a digital.Can you see the significant difference in the quality?I believe it was shot with holes type of camera. Like toy camera kind with fish eye lens effect.Wait. I think it was captured using the fisheye camera. Like the camera is only capable of capturing photos with that effect.Until today, that picture of me smoking is still one of my favourite. The bigger you expand it, the nicer i feel it is.If you were to look at it on your smartphone you will not able to really tell. Other than that, thank you for your time.


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