Olympus OM-2

In the previous post, i shared about my Olympus XA. I love that camera a lot and i finally decided to get another film camera just for back up. Plus i wanted to get a film camera that looks more serious than my XA. To be honest, ever since the XA i can honestly say i am in love with Olympus cameras.

I went to get myself  an Olympus OM-2. It is the same person who designed for the XA and yes that is enough for me to get the OM2. The look of the camera itself looks gorgeous.Very classic looking. Weight and body feels solid. Not too heavy. It is after all and an SLR camera. ASA is from 50- 1600 and it has a built in light meter. You can have it on full manual mode or you can have it on Auto mode where you just need to set the aperture and they will set for you the shutter speed.

I bought the camera and it comes with a 50mm lens. The viewfinder is just beautiful. Most of the reviews mentioned that the viewfinder is one of the highlights of the camera and i could not agree more.

Focusing feels really easy with that viewfinder.The shutter sounds good too. I shoot film but i do not develop it often and i just save it for later. But i did develop one of the rolls. Still have a lot of rolls to develop. As days goes by my love for film is growing a little more than the day before.

The experience of using the camera is great.It didn’t cost a lot too, about 200 usd. Mine was in excellent condition. The design is very practical and the knobs, there is only a few of them. So it is pretty fast for me to whip it out and start snapping.To load the film into the camera feels easy.

Overall the Olympus OM2 is definitely like what the other blogs and writers already mentioned before. A classic. I can’t wait to bring it around for my travels. I highly recommend this camera for those who are interested in shooting with a film camera. I can imagine any beginner would be able to adapt to this camera quickly. Easy to use and everyone else is saying that it has a sharp lens.Definitely a great camera!

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