Why i still shoot film

While everyone is busy snapping photos with their mobile phones and their digital camera which i still do of course. Film cameras have something special about them that makes me appreciate the slower process that it requires. I love digital for giving me that convenience to see the results instantly. But value wise i would still lean towards film.

Being involved

The thing with digital is, it keeps on evolving. Gadgets keeps on getting better. Lenses can do a lot of things for the price of one. It will keep on improving, which is great and i have no complains about that.

But using film, you have to focus yourself, select the right settings. You have more control and not so many buttons like on digital.When you press the shutter, the sound you hear is satisfying and it is a pleasure every time you press it down.

While with digital you can keep on snapping and just hope that out of every 10 that you snap you can at least get about 3 or 5 that is really nice.  For film, every frame that you expose will cost you some money. Each time you press the shutter you can imagine yourself depositing money into the photo lab assistant’s account. So it is indeed precious and you want each shot to be right.

Looking through the viewfinder to frame the subject instead of looking at the lcd screen gives me that shiok(awesome) feeling which i rate the highest when it comes to being involve with the camera.

The idea of film

I find it cool, the thought of preserving and using a tool before digital photography came in. It something that you get to hold and feel. The idea of still using film feels cool to me. It is the same concept of people still listening to vinyl instead of hearing music from digital format.The fact that get to hold that record and place it and put the needle on it. Same like film. Loading the film, unloading it, getting to look at it after it has been process.

Quality of film

This is my own opinion. I enjoy looking at my photos from my film more than my digital photos.


I know that these two are different subjects. But im not going to say which one is digital but i hope you can tell. With film, i would scan every part of the photo and my eyes enjoy scanning through the details. But with digital i can honestly say i do not bother looking at each part of the photo. So that is on my end.

In general, from what i learn from other experts. Full frame digital cameras gives you the quality of 35 mm camera. Quality wise it depends on the individual i suppose.But that is only 35mm film, medium format and large format films offers crazier photo quality. But each photo cost more which i am happy to accept.

Developing film

People complain that film takes a longer time to develop and you can’t see the photos immediately which is a bummer to a lot of people. But as for me, i have film rolls that i took from years back that i haven’t even develop yet. Im really not in a rush to develop them. They are like time capsules to me. If you’ve watched Harry Potter and there was this moment when Dumbledore have this bowl that contains some sort of water and there inside contains memories for him to extract whenever he needs it.

So film is like that for me, i snap those photos which a lot of them i can’t recall right now but i know that once i develop it it will give me that nostalgic thrill.


This is just some of the few reasons i can think of right now as to why i still shoot film or why i choose it in the first place. It is an art form that i respect so much that i am loving more and more as each day goes by. I love both digital and film photography as both are still photography, but i would definitely choose film as my choice of format.

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