David Gilmour at Royal Albert Hall.

So let me tell you what happen. Earlier this year, i had a desire to catch David Gilmour live. The ones that look feasible was the one in London as i doubt he is going around Asia.

But by the time i booked my flight ticket, the show was sold out. Every week i would check for David Gilmour live at the Royal Albert Hall.

The ones that are available costs 600 pounds. So i had to cancel that idea and just told myself that London will still go on.

So the plan for today was to visit museums and maybe check out Royal Albert Hall. Maybe just catch the music from outside. A part of me just feels like i should forget about Royal Albert Hall. But somehow i just kept on walking towards it. Went to the box office and tried my luck.

Even while walking there i tried checking online to see if somebody was selling as i hope that maybe someone cancelled it.

When the lady at the box office told me she had available tickets, i froze. For 100 pounds.

I am just thankful that luck was on my side today. Shukur.

The hall is amazing, the space looks smaller than on television. I would say that it is a very intimate space. I got great seats for the price and it was pretty close to where Gilmour was.

Then the rest, it was magical. A wish came true, after watching his videos and i mever thought that i would get to see him live. I am so thankful for this opportunity. What an amazing night, shukur alhamdulillah.


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